Beta of version 1.49 released 26 March 2018

British Bingo version 1.49 beta1 released. A free 90-ball bingo game that runs on a browser, iPad or tablet. Download from: files/beta. Play online at:

The game simulates the other players who can make mistakes and chat. You can choose to hear the caller and the players talking. You can have over 300,000 players

This early release adds two charts and three animations

This release:

- adds two small charts showing:
  - the time left before the caller reads out the next number
  - how many numbers the players mark on their boards each time the caller reads out a number
- adds two animations when a player has a 'house', showing an old lady
- adds an animation when a player has a 'line', showing stars


Beta of version 1.49 1 MB
Mar 27, 2018

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